Tournament / Competition Organiser

Sports Officials Worldwide – for competitions and event organisers

Sports Officials Worldwide appreciates the intense pressure of event organisation and the extraordinary breadth of aspects to consider in order to deliver a successful, safe and enjoyable competition or tournament.

Our interactive capability helps clients deliver all or part of the tournament brief via specific competition management software and report on the outcomes once the final curtain has come down.

  • Organiser branded microsite on Sports Officials Worldwide

Advice and project management software with sections on every aspect of organisation from recruiting and training volunteers, attracting sponsorship, health & safety to competitor registration and accreditation

  • Preparation of officials, equipment, coaches and participants

Appropriate training for the ‘team’

Generic/event specific e-learning & development modules

Evidence based talent id to aid selection, officials’ sourcing software, smart technology for officials

Links to Laws/Rules of a sport or governing organisation

  • Register of officials, coaches and qualifications, both sport and event specific

Links to Governing Bodies, Federations, Associations etc

  • Data collection
    • Attendance
    • demographic profile
  • News
  • Blogs
  • Corporate/Individual access to Sports Officials Learning & Development community
  • Updates
  • Advertising platform

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