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Sports Officials Worldwide is committed to the support of all officials and volunteers in the journey through their sport’s development pathway, from grassroots or foundation level to elite.  It is our firm belief that great officiating is the key to safe, enjoyable sport for all.

As with many disciplines, the foundations are best laid early – in primary school if possible. Sports Officials Worldwide works extensively with schools and community groups to develop young people. It is not necessary to lead with the rules of a game but to use officiating principles to: develop their leadership and decision making skills; boost self-confidence; promote the principles/benefits of rules and boundaries and generally instil positive behaviours.

Providing bespoke programmes for young people addresses more than reinforcing the bottom of a sport’s officiating pyramid.  These programmes make sport accessible to those who might not consider the activity or playing part for them.  To date young people with a range of learning difficulties, from ethnic minorities, females and those with negative feelings of self-worth have all been positively engaged in the programmes.

What we offer:

  • Age 7-12 years:
  • ‘Play on Ref’ a six week programme of participation based around officiating activities. Every person gets a whistle plus red and yellow cards
  • ‘Play on Ref’ has its own online platform where these young people can access basic interactive modules safely. Moderated by school or community group
  • ‘Play on Ref’ is delivered by staff trained by PoR specialists at orientation days
  • ‘Play on Ref’ teaching pack
  • Age 12-16 years:
    • ‘T Refz’ a programme of participation based around officiating activities tailored to the older age group.
    • Delivered as for Play on Ref
    • Interactive modules available on PoR site and Sports Officials Worldwide website
    • Foundation level course – e-learning
    • Signposting to individual sports
    • Individual or group membership of Sports Officials Worldwide officiating community
  • Registration
    • Registration of participants in any Learning & Development activities for tracking and further development (subject to parental approval and incompliance with the data protection act)
  • School Sport Competition Management:
    • Specially designed software to aid the organisation of school sport competition
    • Bespoke foundation course delivered online as an introduction to the learning & development pathway for volunteers and officials participating in school sport competition (targets pupils in order to empower and develop)
  • Becoming a member of the Officiating Community offers:
    • Blogs
    • School/Community/Individual access to Sports Officials Learning & Development with its discounts, online CPD modules, logbook and sharing of best practice
    • Updates
    • Advertising platform

For further information on the 7-12 years category, please visit the Play on Ref website:

Or if you would like to know more about the e-learning platform, please fill in our  enquiry form and we will be in touch.