iRespect is an app which uses smart phone technology coupled with a harness to record and encrypt footage from the wearers perspective. Footage is captured and sent to our servers where any incident can be decrypted and sent on to the relevant authorities as evidence. Ideally used by Referees as a deterrent, and evidence for hearings if required, football clubs to monitor touchline behaviour and other sectors of sport where behaviour monitoring is an important aspect.

The concept, is to use technology first and foremost as a deterrent from the physical and verbal abuse referees were facing from spectators and players alike in amateur football across the country. The concept can also be used in a variety of ways, such as football clubs to monitor their touchline behaviour, for coaches to identify key coaching practices and for spectator control.

Modern smart mobile phones have the ability to record footage wether its an amateur league football game, walking, jogging, spectating and other sectors of sport. The mobile device is inserted into a harness, camera side facing out which the referee wears under their shirt. This is then conveniently matched up with an opening in the referee’s shirt enabling the camera to capture any video and auditory footage the referee sees and hears.

As this data is of a sensitive nature the footage is captured and encrypted on the device so it cannot be viewed by any unauthorised persons, this ensures compliance with data protection, laws around imagery and Safeguarding children.

When the game is complete and in range of a WiFi source, the footage will be sent to a secure server where it can be accessed if required, decrypted and made available to the relevant authorities i.e the County FA or in more serious circumstances the police. Once the device has sent the data it is automatically removed to free up memory.

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