Ref Support: UK Wide Football Referee Membership Scheme

Ref Support: UK Wide Football Referee Membership Scheme

 Ref Support (football) – Referee Membership Scheme

What’s it all about?

  • Membership organisation, developed by referees for referees
  • Created to deliver support that referees need
  • Fast track experience through targeted development
  • Benefits:
  • Guidance, advice and support to referees from grassroots upwards
  • Education, training and development through an academy structure
  • Accredited and non-accredited education
  • Recommends and links to regular theory and practical development events (local hubs)
  • Opportunities to engage in mentoring/coaching schemes
  • Supported by generic and football specific e-learning modules, tactical and soft skills

Principles and discounts

  • Supports and protects members from injustice and unfair treatment in matters related to football refereeing (free legal consultations)
  • Represents members to the regulatory/supervisory/governing bodies of association football
  • HR advice –free initial consultation
  • Free 30 minutes of employment legal advice
  • 10% discount on hotel and travel through our partner
  • 10% Discount for Sports Officials Consultancy
  • online shop resources and equipment
  • Access to job opportunities in sport

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