SOUK History

SOUK History

In the 1990s a group of top-level officials from different sports met to discuss matters of common interest and to explore ways of developing the profile and practice of sports officiating.  This attracted attention from a wide range of National Governing Bodies and a committee structure evolved.

SOUK was formed in 1999 to address some of the common problems and recruitment issues encountered by sports officials and share examples of good practice regarding education, training and development.

Amongst other matters, the group explored avenues for the establishment of a generic sports officiating association, similar to the National Coaching Foundation. The support from sports officials for the movement encouraged further activity and Sports Officials UK was formed. In 2010 this body was incorporated as a Company Limited by Guarantee

Now, SOUK is a membership organisation comprising National Governing Bodies (NGBs) of sport and associated organisations. Many of the representatives have a clear responsibility for officiating and the volunteer workforce within their specific sport and/or event.

To add to our main strand of membership we have launched an individual membership which will deliver online learning and development to those with a subscription.
To take advantage of this individual membership, please  email us

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